Provided by: libxbase64-bin_3.1.2-14_amd64 bug


       checkidx, copydbf, dbfutil, dbfxtrct, deletall, dumphdr, packdbf, reindex, undelall, zap -
       a collection of tools for xbase database files


       checkndx dbf_file index_file
       copydbf filaname1 filename2
       dbfxtrct -idbf_file -sindex_file [-f] [-F] [-dMM/DD/YY]
       deletall dbf_file
       dumphdr dbf_file
       dumprecs dbf_file
       packdbf dbf_file
       reindex dbf_file index_file
       undelall dbf_file
       zap dbf_name


       This manual page explains the xbase64 tools programs. This programs are a set of tools for
       testing and manipulating xbase database files.


              The filename of the xbase database.

              The filename of the index file.

              Source and destination of the xbase database.

       -f     optional field name list in first record

       -F     optional field name and attributes in first record

              MM/DD/YY is an optional output date format for any date fields

                                          August 2, 2014                         XBASE64-TOOLS(1)