Provided by: dicom3tools_1.00~20220618093127-2_amd64 bug


       dctopnm - ACR/NEMA DICOM PS3 ... DICOM PS3 - DICOM image to PNM file


       dctopnm [ -v|verbose ] [ -quiet|silent ]


       dctopnm  reads  the named dicom or acr-nema input file and copies the raw image pixel data
       to a PNM file after adding a PGM or PPM header.

       The input file must be unencapsulated, single channel (grayscale  or  palette  color;  the
       photometric   interpretation  is  not  checked  for  single  channel),  or  three  channel
       interleaved RGB, and in the case of > 8 bit data, in the same byte order as desired in the
       output,  since  the  raw bytes are copied from input to output without any conversion. Use
       dccp(1) first to change the encoding if necessary.

       Only the necessary number of bytes to encode the pixel data  will  be  written  (based  on
       rows,  columns,  number  of frames, samples per pixel and bits allocated); this means that
       for an odd number of bytes the extra DICOM padding byte will not  be  copied  to  the  raw
       output.  This  prevents netpbm utilities freaking out with an error "reading magic number"
       if the padding byte is present. If any  of  the  necessary  attributes  to  calculate  the
       correct pixel data length are missing, all encoded bytes will be written.


       The  PNM  output  goes  where it is specified or standard out.  The verbose output goes to
       standard error.

       The basic input switches are described in dcintro(1). Options  specific  to  this  program

              Suppress the normal description of image parameters.

              Display  byte  offset  from  file start and message start, in hexadecimal, and dump
              contents while reading, once read, during replacement, and before writing.



       % dcfile big.dc3
       Meta: UID      1.2.840.10008.1.2.1
       Meta: Description   "Explicit VR Little Endian"
       Meta: ByteOrder     Little
       Meta: VR       Explicit
       Meta: Encapsulated  No
       Data: UID      1.2.840.10008.1.2.2
       Data: Description   "Explicit VR Big Endian"
       Data: ByteOrder     Big
       Data: VR       Explicit
       Data: Encapsulated  No

       % dctopnm big.dc3 big.pgm -endian big
        Rows = 512
        Columns = 512
        NumberOfFrames = 0
        PhotometricInterpretation = MONOCHROME2
        SamplesPerPixel = 1
        BitsAllocated = 16
        BitsStored = 16
        HighBit = 15
        PixelRepresentation = 1
        PlanarConfiguration = 0x0
        Rows*Columns*SamplesPerPixel*BitsAllocated/8 = 0x80000
       Writing ...



       dccp(1), pnmtodc(1), rawtodc(1), dctoraw(1), dctopgm8(1), dcintro(1)


       Copyright (c) 1993-2022, David A. Clunie DBA PixelMed Publishing. All rights reserved.


       It would be desirable to be able to expand palette color images to produce RGB output, and
       to  handle  color-by-plane  rather  than  interleaved  RGB,  but  for  now,  these are not