Provided by: debomatic_0.26-1_all bug


       debomatic - Automatic build machine for Debian source packages


       debomatic -c|--config conffile [-i|--interactive] [-q|--quit]


       This  tool  provides a simple build machine for Debian source packages.  It is designed to
       be very simple to use and self-sufficient during package build process and chroot updates.
       It  support almost every Debian-based distribution, given its repositories follow standard
       Debian repository structure.

       sbuild and an active Internet connection (broadband is suggested) are  required  in  order
       for debomatic to work properly.

       You have to run it using root privileges due to the chroot creation process.


       -c, --config conffile
              You have to specify a configuration file for debomatic to work.

       -i, --interactive
              By  default,  debomatic  runs  in  full daemon mode and it detaches itself from its
              parent. If you do not want this, you can use this option and debomatic will run  in
              interactive mode.

       -q, --quit
              Terminate running debomatic instance or remove obsolete locks left.


       This manual page is Copyright 2007-2022 Luca Falavigna <>.  Permission
       is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under  the  terms  of  the  GNU
       General  Public  License,  Version  3  or any later version published by the Free Software