Provided by: devscripts_2.22.2ubuntu3_amd64 bug


       debrebuild - use a buildinfo file and snapshot.d.o to recreate binary packages


       debrebuild [options] <buildinfo>


              debrebuild <--help|-h>

       Given  a  buildinfo  file  from  a Debian package, generate instructions for attempting to
       reproduce the binary packages built from the associated source and build information.


       --help, -h
              Show this help and exit

              Whether   to   fetch   resources   via   tor    (socks://    Assumes
              "apt-transport-tor" is installed both in host + chroot

              Whether to setup the build to use the Build-Path from the provided .buildinfo file.

              Directory for the build artifacts (default: ./)

              Which  building  software  should  be  used.  Possible  values  are  none,  sbuild,
              mmdebstrap, dpkg and sbuild+unshare. The default is none. See section  BUILDER  for

       Note: debrebuild can parse buildinfo files with and without a GPG signature.  However, the
       signature (if present) is discarded as debrebuild does not support verifying it.   If  the
       authenticity or integrity of the buildinfo files are important to you, checking these need
       to be done before invoking debrebuild, for example by using dscverify.


              $        debrebuild         --buildresults=./artifacts         --builder=mmdebstrap


       debrebuild  can use different backends to perform the actual package rebuild.  The desired
       backend is chosen using the --builder option. The default is "none".

       none   Dry-run mode. No build is performed.

       sbuild Use sbuild to build the package. This requires sbuild  to  be  setup  with  schroot
              chroots of Debian stable distributions.

              Use  mmdebstrap  to  build  the  package.  This  requires no setup and no superuser

       dpkg   Directly run apt-get and dpkg-buildpackage on the current  system  without  chroot.
              This requires root privileges.

              Use  sbuild  with  the unshare backend. This will create the chroot and perform the
              build without superuser privileges and without any setup.


       Before kernel 5.10.1 or before Debian 11 (Bullseye),  unprivileged  user  namespaces  were
       disabled  in  Debian  for  security  reasons.  Refer to Debian bug #898446 for details. To
       enable user namespaces, run:

              $ sudo sysctl -w kernel.unprivileged_userns_clone=1

       The sbuild+unshare builder requires  and  the  mmdebstrap  builder  benefits  from  having
       unprivileged user namespaces activated. On Ubuntu they are enabled by default.


       Currently,  the  code assumes that all packages were at some point part of Debian unstable
       main. This fails for packages from Debian ports, packages from experimental as well as for
       locally  built  packages  or  packages from third party repositories. Enabling support for
       Debian  ports  and  experimental  is  conceptually  possible  and  only   needs   somebody
       implementing it.