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       decopy - Automatic debian/copyright generator


       decopy [options] [files or dirs]


       Decopy  is a tool that automates creating and updating the debian/copyright files. It does
       this by parsing all files in a source tree, figuring out  the  copyright  attribution  and
       license  for  each  file  (when possible) and then structuring the output in the copyright
       format 1.0.


       Simply running decopy in the source tree that needs to be parsed will process all files in
       the  tree,  group them by license, wildcard those groups and generate the proper output to
       be written to the debian/copyright file.

       If the source tree already includes a debian/copyright file, it will be used as input  for
       files  where  the license could not be inferred, for the copyright of the debian directory
       and for the license snippets (which  need  to  be  filled  in  manually  if  there  is  no
       debian/copyright file).

       The  files  or  directories  specified  as  positional  arguments can be used to limit the
       processing to the indicated subset instead of processing the complete source tree.


       On top of the simple decopy usage, these examples show some of the most  common  usecases.
       Please see the following sections for detailed explanations of what each of the parameters

       decopy --root src/hello-1.0/ --output src/hello-1.0/debian/copyright
              This  runs  the  parser  in  the  hello-1.0   source   tree   and   generates   the
              debian/copyright  file in the source tree (the debian/ directory needs to pre-exist
              this call).

       decopy --mode partial src/3rdparty/ninja
              This shows the licensing  and  copyright  information  for  the  src/3rdparty/ninja
              directory.  Only  that  directory  is  analized  and the output includes only files
              contained in it.

       decopy --group-by copyright
              This processes the complete current source tree,  paragraphs  are  split  not  only
              according to the licenses but also according to the copyright owners.

       decopy src
              This  will process the src directory but, provided debian/copyright already exists,
              show the complete updated debian/copyright file.


       --mode <mode>
              Indicates the mode to use when generating the output. The full mode (default)  will
              generate  a  complete debian/copyright file, even if only some files were processed
              (the rest of the contents are taken from the original debian/copyright file). While
              the  partial  mode  will only print the copyright and licensing information for the
              indicated files.

       --output <file>, -o <file>
              Store the generated output in the indicated file. This will overwrite the  file  if
              it already exists.

       --root <path>
              Process the indicated path instead of the current directory.


       The  generated  output  will  always  create  separate paragraphs for groups of files with
       different licenses, additionally, it can also split paragraphs according to the  following
       grouping options.

       --group-by <criteria>
              When  grouping  by  license (default), all copyright owners of different files with
              the same license are listed together. When grouping by  copyright,  each  different
              group  of  copyright  owners  is listed separatedly (files that have the exact same
              list of copyright owners are listed together).

              When a  subdirectory  has  its  own  license  file  (COPYING,  LICENSE,  etc),  the
              subdirectory  is  given  its  own paragraph, even if it has the same license as the
              main directory. This is the default.

              Even if a subdirectory has its own license file, the contents are  listed  together
              with other files in the tree that have the same license.

              Even  if the contents of the debian/ subdirectory have the same license as the main
              content, split it onto a separate paragraph. This is the default.

              If the contents of the debian/ subdirectory have  the  same  license  as  the  main
              content, they are listed together.


       The  default  logging shows WARN and ERROR messages. It can be modified with the following

              Show DEBUG, INFO, WARN and ERROR messages.

       --verbose, -v
              Show INFO, WARN and ERROR messages.

       --quiet, -q
              Show only ERROR messages.


       --copyright-file <filename>
              Specify a different copyright file to  be  used  as  a  base  for  the  processing.
              Defaults to debian/copyright

       --text Parse  all files as text files, instead of using the different parsers according to
              the file types (e.g. using exiftool for images).

       --exclude <path>, -X <path>
              Exclude files from being parsed. The path can be specified as a regular  expression
              that  is matched against the full relative path for the file (e.g. -X '.*\.jpg$' to
              exclude all files that have the .jpg extension. or -X doc/  to  exclude  all  files
              inside   the   doc/   directory).   As   a   special   case,  debian/copyright  and
              debian/changelog are always excluded..


       Decopy was inspired by  previous  copyright  helpers  like  copyright-helper  by  Modestas
       Vainius, licensecheck(1)
       by Jonas Smedegaard, or the copyright helper shipped with  debmake(1),  written  by  Osamu

       The  main  difference with all of them, is that decopy aims to detects as many licenses as
       possible, including many more that those in the other helpers, as well as  the  fact  that
       it's capable of processing more than just plain text files.

       Additionally,  while  it is possible to use it for the creation of the copyright file, its
       main usecase is to keep the copyright file updated with any changes that are done  to  the
       source tree as time passes.


       Decopy  was  written  by  Maximiliano  Curia.  The  debian packaging and this manpage were
       created by Margarita Manterola.


       Decopy and all the associated code and documentation are released under the ISC license.

                                           August 2022                                  DECOPY(1)