Provided by: fwupd_1.8.4-2_amd64 bug


       dfu-tool - write firmware to DFU devices


       dfu-tool [CMD]


       This manual page documents briefly the dfu-tool command.

       dfu-tool  allows a user to write various kinds of firmware onto devices supporting the USB
       Device Firmware Upgrade protocol.  This tool can be used to switch  the  device  from  the
       normal  runtime  mode  to  `DFU  mode'  which  allows the user to read and write firmware.
       Either the whole device can be written in one operation, or individual  `targets'  can  be
       specified with the alternative name or number.

       All  synchronous  actions  can  be safely cancelled and on failure will return errors with
       both a type and a full textual description.  libdfu supports DFU 1.0, DFU 1.1 and  the  ST
       DfuSe  vendor  extension,  and  handles  many device `quirks' necessary for the real-world
       implementations of DFU.


       The dfu-tool command takes various options depending on the action.  Run  dfu-tool  --help
       for the full list.


       fwupdtool(1), fwupdmgr(1)


       No known bugs.


       Richard Hughes (