Provided by: gobject-introspection_1.74.0-2_amd64 bug


       dh_girepository - compute dependencies for GObject introspection packages


       dh_girepository [debhelper options] [-ldirectory] [-pdirectory] [-Xitem] [private [...]]


       dh_girepository is a debhelper program to compute dependencies for packages shipping
       GObject introspection data.

       The dependencies are generated in the ${gir:Depends} substitution variable.

       The minimal version of the generated dependencies is calculated by looking first at the
       version of the packages declared in the build-dependencies of the building package. If a
       package is not declared in the build-dependencies, the minimal version of that package is
       calculated by looking at the version of the package containing the corresponding .gir file
       defined in the build-dependencies.

       Note that dh_girepository will not be executed automatically by dh; you need to use "dh $@
       --with gir" for "dh" to include it.


           Specify a directory (or a colon-separated list of directories) where to look for the
           .gir XML files that were used to generate the .typelib files that are scanned. This
           option is only necessary if those files are not shipped in another, architecture-
           dependent package.

           Specify a directory (or a colon-separated list of directories) where to look for the
           dependencies. This is useful when a dependency ships the .typelib in a private

           Exclude files that contain item anywhere in their filename from being analyzed.

       private [...] List of directories where to look for typelibs and the corresponding .gir
       files. Useful when the package installs its typelibs in a private directory, such as
       /usr/lib/<package>. Library dependencies are also looked there, in case your typelib
       depends on a library that you ship on a private directory.


       GObject introspection mini policy as of 2011-03-30.



       This program is a part of gobject-introspection but is made to work with debhelper.


       Josselin Mouette <>