Provided by: dh-octave_1.2.3_all bug


       dh_octave_substvar - generate substitution variables for an Octave-Forge package


       dh_octave_substvar [debhelper options]


       dh_octave_substvar generates the substitution variables "${octave:Depends}" and
       "${octave:Upstream-Description}" needed for building an Octave-Forge Debian package.  It
       also injects the dependency on the appropriate virtual package octave-abi-N into
       "${shlibs:Depends}", for packages that contain *.oct and *.mex, according to the current
       Octave's API_VERSION.


       debhelper(7), dh(1), dh_octave_clean(1), dh_octave_check(1), dh_octave_version(1),
       dh_octave_changelogs(1), , dh_octave_examples(1)

       This program is meant to be used together with debhelper for Debian packages derived from
       Octave-Forge packages.  It is recommended to enable it by adding the dh-sequence-octave
       virtual package to Build-Depends, Build-Depends-Arch or Build-Depends-Indep.  This is
       equivalent to adding dh-octave to the same field and adding --with=octave to the dh
       sequencer in debian/rules, except that only -arch/-indep/profiled builds are affected.
       This is also slightly more simple in the most common case.


       Rafael Laboissière <>