Provided by: debhelper_13.9.1ubuntu1_all bug


       dh_systemd_start - start/stop/restart systemd unit files


       dh_systemd_start [debhelper options] [--restart-after-upgrade] [--no-stop-on-upgrade]
       [unit file ...]


       dh_systemd_start is a debhelper program that is responsible for starting/stopping or
       restarting systemd unit files in case no corresponding sysv init script is available.

       As with dh_installinit, the unit file is stopped before upgrades and started afterwards
       (unless --restart-after-upgrade is specified, in which case it will only be restarted
       after the upgrade).  This logic is not used when there is a corresponding SysV init script
       because invoke-rc.d performs the stop/start/restart in that case.


           Do not stop the unit file until after the package upgrade has been completed.  This is
           the default behaviour in compat 10.

           In earlier compat levels the default was to stop the unit file in the prerm, and start
           it again in the postinst.

           This can be useful for daemons that should not have a possibly long downtime during
           upgrade. But you should make sure that the daemon will not get confused by the package
           being upgraded while it's running before using this option.

           Undo a previous --restart-after-upgrade (or the default of compat 10).  If no other
           options are given, this will cause the service to be stopped in the prerm script and
           started again in the postinst script.

       -r, --no-stop-on-upgrade, --no-restart-on-upgrade
           Do not stop service on upgrade.

           Do not start the unit file after upgrades and after initial installation (the latter
           is only relevant for services without a corresponding init script).


       Note that this command is not idempotent. dh_prep(1) should be called between invocations
       of this command (with the same arguments). Otherwise, it may cause multiple instances of
       the same text to be added to maintainer scripts.

       Note that dh_systemd_start should be run after dh_installinit so that it can detect
       corresponding SysV init scripts. The default sequence in dh does the right thing, this
       note is only relevant when you are calling dh_systemd_start manually.