Provided by: argyll_2.3.1+repack-1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       Test - Test display patch window, Set Video LUTs, Install profiles.


       Test display patch window, Set Video LUTs, Install profiles


       dispwin [options] [calfile]

       -v     Verbose mode

       -display displayname Choose X11 display name

       -d n[,m]
              Choose  the  display  n  from  the  following  list  (default  1) Optionally choose
              different display m for Video LUT access

              1 = 'Screen 1, Output DVI-I-1 at 0, 0, width 1920, height 1080'

              Display via a web server at port (default 8080)

       -P ho,vo,ss[,vs]
              Position test window and scale it

       -F     Fill whole screen with black background

       -i     Run forever with random values

       -G filename
              Display RGB colors from CGATS file

       -C r.rr,,
              Add this RGB color to list to be displayed

       -m     Manually cycle through values

       -f     Test grey ramp fade

       -r     Test just Video LUT loading & Beeps

       -n     Test native output (rather than through Video LUT and C.M.)

       -s filename
              Save the currently loaded Video LUT to 'filename'

       -c     Load a linear display calibration

       -V     Verify that calfile/profile cal. is currently loaded in LUT

       -I     Install profile for display and use it's calibration

       -U     Un-install profile for display

       -S d   Specify the install/uninstall scope for OS X [nlu] or X11/Vista [lu] d is one of: n
              = network, l = local system, u = user (default)

       -L     Load installed profiles cal. into Video LUT

       -X     Run in daemon loader mode for given X11 server

       -D [level]
              Print debug diagnostics to stderr

              Load calibration (.cal or .icc) into Video LUT