Provided by: dmtx-utils_0.7.6-1.1build1_amd64 bug


       dmtxwrite - create Data Matrix barcodes


       dmtxwrite [OPTION]... [FILE]


       dmtxwrite encodes data from a file or standard input, and writes the resulting ECC200 Data
       Matrix barcode as an image.


       -c, --codewords
              Print codeword listing instead of creating barcode.

       -d, --module=N
              Module size in pixels.

       -m, --margin=N
              Margin size in pixels.

       -e, --encoding=[bfactxe8]
              Encodation scheme.
                 b = Best optimized   best possible optimization (beta)
                 f = Fast optimized   basic optimization (not implemented)
                 a = ASCII  [default] ASCII standard & extended
                 c = C40              digits and uppercase
                 t = Text             digits and lowercase
                 x = X12              ANSI X12 EDI
                 e = EDIFACT          ASCII values 32-94
                 8 = Base 256         all byte values 0-255

       -f, --format=FORMAT
              Output image format (PNG [default], TIF, GIF, PDF, etc...).

       -l, --list-formats
              List available image formats.

       -o, --output=FILE
              Barcode output filename. Default is standard output.

       -p, --preview
              Print ASCII art preview to standard output.

       -r, --resolution=N
              Set image print resolution (dpi).

       -s, --symbol-size=[sr|RxC] (default "s")
                Automatic symbol size options:
                  s = Auto square         r = Auto rectangle
                Manual symbol size options for square symbols:
                  10x10   12x12   14x14   16x16   18x18   20x20
                  22x22   24x24   26x26   32x32   36x36   40x40
                  44x44   48x48   52x52   64x64   72x72   80x80
                  88x88   96x96 104x104 120x120 132x132 144x144
                Manually symbol size options for rectangle symbols:
                   8x18    8x32   12x26   12x36   16x36   16x48

       -C, --color=COLOR
              Barcode color (not implemented).

       -B, --bg-color=COLOR
              Background color (not implemented).

       -M, --mosaic
              Create non-standard Data Mosaic barcode.

       -R, --rotate=DEGREES
              Rotation angle in degrees (not implemented).

       -v, --verbose
              Use verbose messages.

       -V, --version
              Print program version information.

       --help Display this help message and quit.


       ISO/IEC 16022:2000

       ANSI/AIM BC11 ISS


       Email bug reports to


       Copyright (C) 2008, 2009 Mike Laughton

                                           June 2, 2011                              DMTXWRITE(1)