Provided by: dnet-progs_2.65build2_amd64 bug


       dndir - Display VMS directories


       dndir [options] directory
       [-sdpbolcntVh] [-w width] [-f filename width]


       dndir displays the contents of directories on VMS systems.
       It  behaves  similarly to the ls command in that, by default, it will display filenames in
       columns across the screen if the output is a TTY or in a single column otherwise.  Options
       can  be added to the command line to display more information about the files or to adjust
       the column widths.
       The directory name  should  be  in  the  usual  transparent  DECnet  format  of  node"user
       password"::directory  (see  EXAMPLES  ).  If  a wildcard specification is omitted from the
       command line then *.*;* is assumed.
       As with the dncopy and dntype commands, the VMS file specification should be  enclosed  in
       single quote marks to protect special characters from the shell.


       -s     Shows the VMS file size in 512-byte blocks or bytes if the -b switch is present.

       -d     Shows the file creation date.

       -p     Shows the file protection.

       -o     Shows the file's owner.

       -b     Shows the file size in bytes rather than 512 byte blocks

       -l     Long format - shows all of the above (including the file size in bytes)

       -t     Show  the total number of blocks in all the files listed. Note that this works even
              if you did not ask for the size to be displayed.

       -T connect timeout
              Specifies the maximum  amount  of  time  the  command  will  wait  to  establish  a
              connection  with  the  remote  node.  a  0  here will cause it to wait forever. The
              default is 60 seconds

       -e     Show (nearly) everything about the file. Like DIR/FULL

       -n     Do not show the header line with the VMS directory name on it. This is  useful  for
              embedding dndir in a pipeline.

       -c     Force the output to single column even on a TTY.

       -w N   Sets  the width of a column to be N characters. The default is 22. This option only
              has an effect on the brief (default) output to a TTY device.

       -f N   Sets the width of the displayed filename to be N characters. The default is 18.  If
              the  filename is longer than this number then any requested file attributes will be
              displayed on the next line.

       -h -?  Displays help for using the command.

       -V     Show the version of the tools package that dncopy comes from.


         dndir 'myvax::'

         dndir 'tramp"christine pjc123"::[.pics.cats]*.jpg'

         dndir 'trisha"system -"::sys$system:*.exe'
         Prompts for a password rather than typing it on the command line.


       dntype(1), dncopy(1), dndel(1), dntask(1), dnsubmit(1), dnprint(1)