Provided by: python3-docformatter_1.4-2_all bug


       docformatter -  Formats docstrings to follow Python PEP 257 (Python 3)


       usage: docformatter [-h] [-i | -c] [-r] [-e [EXCLUDE ...]]

       [--wrap-summaries length] [--wrap-descriptions length]
              [--blank]    [--pre-summary-newline]   [--make-summary-multi-line]   [--force-wrap]
              [--range line line] [--docstring-length length  length]  [--version]  files  [files

       Formats docstrings to follow PEP 257.

   positional arguments:
       files  files to format or '-' for standard in

   optional arguments:
       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

       -i, --in-place
              make changes to files instead of printing diffs

       -c, --check
              only check and report incorrectly formatted files

       -r, --recursive
              drill down directories recursively

       -e [EXCLUDE ...], --exclude [EXCLUDE ...]
              exclude directories and files by names

       --wrap-summaries length
              wrap long summary lines at this length; set to 0 to disable wrapping (default: 79)

       --wrap-descriptions length
              wrap descriptions at this length; set to 0 to disable wrapping (default: 72)

              add blank line after description

              add a newline before the summary of a multi-line docstring

              add a newline before and after the summary of a oneline docstring

              force descriptions to be wrapped even if it may result in a mess

       --range line line
              apply docformatter to docstrings between these lines; line numbers are indexed at 1

       --docstring-length length length
              apply docformatter to docstrings of given length

              show program's version number and exit