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       docker - Docker image and container command line interface


       docker [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARG...]

       docker [--help|-v|--version]


       docker is a client for interacting with the daemon (see dockerd(8)) through the CLI.

       The  Docker  CLI  has over 30 commands. The commands are listed below and each has its own
       man page which explain usage and arguments.

       To see the man page for a command run man docker .


         Print usage statement

         Specifies the location  of  the  Docker  client  configuration  files.  The  default  is

       -D, --debug=true|false
         Enable debug mode. Default is false.

       -H,    --host=[unix:///var/run/docker.sock]:    tcp://[host]:[port][path]   to   bind   or
       unix://[/path/to/socket] to use.
         The socket(s) to bind to in daemon mode specified using one or more
         tcp://host:port/path, unix:///path/to/socket, fd://* or fd://socketfd.
         If the tcp port is not specified, then it will default to either 2375 when
         --tls is off, or 2376 when --tls is on, or --tlsverify is specified.

       -l, --log-level="debug|info|warn|error|fatal"
         Set the logging level. Default is info.

         Use TLS; implied by --tlsverify. Default is false.

         Trust certs signed only by this CA.

         Path to TLS certificate file.

         Path to TLS key file.

         Use TLS and verify the remote (daemon: verify client, client: verify daemon).
         Default is false.

       -v, --version=true|false
         Print version information and quit. Default is false.


       Use "docker help" or "docker --help" to get an overview of available commands.


       For specific client examples please see the man page for the specific Docker command.  For

              man docker-run


       April  2014,  Originally  compiled  by  William  Henry (whenry at redhat dot com) based on source material and internal work.