Provided by: dose-extra_7.0.0-1build1_amd64 bug


       challenged - detect broken packages due to obsolete dependencies


       challenged [options] Packages file(s)


       challenged performs a speculative analysis of the repository to identify those packages
       that, if upgraded to a specific version, would break a large number of other packages in
       the repository. This tool would be particularly useful during the upgrade of a specific
       component to evaluate its impact on the software archive.

Input Specification

       The input of challenged is a list of Debian Packages files

Output Specification

       The output of challenged is in the yaml format.


       -b --broken
               Print the list of broken packages

       -d --downgrade
               Check package downgrades

       -c      Print the list of packages in a cluster

       --checkonly package[,package] ...
               Specifies a list of packages to check. By default all packages are checked.  Takes
               a comma-separated list of package names and a version .

               Example: --checkonly "libc6 (=1.4), 2ping (= 1.2.3-1)"

       -v      Enable info / warnings / debug messages. This option may be repeated up to three
               times in order to increase verbosity.

               Enable progress bars.

       -h, --help
               Display this list of options.


         challenged -v --progress Packages.bz2 > result.yaml



       Pietro Abate and Roberto Di Cosmo


       distcheck(1) outdated(1)

       <> is the home page of the Mancoosi project.

                                            2022-02-25                         DOSE-CHALLENGED(1)