Provided by: dpaste_0.4.0-1build1_amd64 bug


       dpaste  -  A  simple  pastebin  for light values (max 64KB) using OpenDHT distributed hash


       dpaste -h

       dpaste -v

       dpaste [options...]

       dpaste -g code [options...]


       By default, dpaste will read its standard input for a  file  to  paste  on  OpenDHT.   For
       fetching a file, you have to provide the code associated to it using the flag -g.


       -h     Prints some help.

       -v     Shows the version of the program.

       -g code, --get code
              Specifies the code code used to recover the file on the DHT.

              Use AES scheme for encryption. Password is automatically saved in the returned code

              Use GPG scheme for encryption.

       -r recipient, --recipients recipient
              Specify the list of recipients to use for GPG encryption (--gpg--encrypt).  Use  -r
              multiple times to specify a list of recipients.

       -s, --sign
              Tells  wether  message should be signed using the user's GPG key. The key has to be
              configured through the configuration  file  ($XDG_CONFIG_DIR/dpaste.conf,  keyword:

              Tells dpaste not to decrypt PGP data and rather output it on stdout.

              Include  self  as  recipient. Self refers to the key id configured for signing (see
              --sign description). This only takes effect if option -e is also used.


       The program returns 0 on success. Otherwise 1 is returned.


              Main  configuration  file  where.  dpaste  will  look  for  this  file  to  recover
              complementary information.


       · Simon Désaulniers <>

       · Adrien Béraud <>

                                            2017-06-26                                  DPASTE(1)