Provided by: wireshark-common_3.6.7-1_amd64 bug


       dpauxmon - Provide interfaces to capture DisplayPort AUX channel data.


       dpauxmon [ --help ] [ --version ] [ --extcap-interfaces ] [ --extcap-dlts ]
       [ --extcap-interface=<interface> ] [ --extcap-config ]
       [ --extcap-capture-filter=<capture filter> ] [ --capture ]
       [ --fifo=<path to file or pipe> ] [ --interface_id=<Interface ID to capture> ]

       dpauxmon --extcap-interfaces

       dpauxmon --extcap-interface=<interface> --extcap-dlts

       dpauxmon --extcap-interface=<interface> --extcap-config

       dpauxmon --extcap-interface=<interface> --fifo=<path to file or pipe> --capture


       dpauxmon is an extcap tool that can capture DisplayPort AUX channel data from linux kernel
       drivers using the generic netlink interface.

       Supported interfaces:

        1. dpauxmon



           Print program arguments.


           Print program version.


           List available interfaces.


           Use specified interfaces.


           List DLTs of specified interface.


           List configuration options of specified interface.


           Start capturing from specified interface and save it in place specified by --fifo.

       --fifo=<path to file or pipe>

           Save captured packet to file or send it through pipe.

       --interface_idt=<interface id>

           The interface for capture.


       To see program arguments:

           dpauxmon --help

       To see program version:

           dpauxmon --version

       To see interfaces:

           dpauxmon --extcap-interfaces

       Only one interface (dpauxmon) is supported.

       Example output

           interface {value=dpauxmon}{display=DisplayPort AUX channel capture}

       To see interface DLTs:

           dpauxmon --extcap-interface=dpauxmon --extcap-dlts

       Example output

           dlt {number=275}{name=dpauxmon}{display=DisplayPort AUX channel monitor DLT}

       To see interface configuration options:

           dpauxmon --extcap-interface=dpauxmon --extcap-config

       Example output

           dpauxmon --extcap-interface=dpauxmon --extcap-config
           arg {number=0}{call=--interface_id}{display=Interface Id}
               {type=unsigned}{tooltip=The Interface Id}

       To capture:

           dpauxmon --extcap-interface=dpauxmon --fifo=/tmp/dpauxmon.pcap --capture --interface_id 0


       wireshark(1), tshark(1), dumpcap(1), extcap(4)


       dpauxmon is part of the Wireshark distribution. The latest version of Wireshark can be
       found at

       HTML versions of the Wireshark project man pages are available at


       Original Author
       Dirk Eibach <dirk.eibach[AT]>

                                            2022-07-28                                DPAUXMON(1)