Provided by: coq-dpdgraph-tools_1.0+8.15-2_amd64 bug


       dpd2dot - read a .dpd file and produce a graph file in the .dot format


       dpd2dot [options] input_file.dpd


       -o : name of output file (default: name of input file .dot)

       -with-defs : show everything (default)

       -without-defs : show only Prop objects

       -rm-trans : remove transitive dependencies (default)

       -keep-trans : keep transitive dependencies

       -graphname : name of graph (default: name of input file)

       -debug : set debug mode

       -v : print version and exit

       -help  Display this list of options

       --help Display this list of options

                                            June 2022                                  DPD2DOT(1)