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       drool - DNS Replay Tool


       drool command [ options ] < arguments >


       drool  can  replay DNS traffic from packet capture (PCAP) files and send it to a specified
       server, with options such as to manipulate the timing between packets,  as  well  as  loop
       packets  infinitely  or for a set number of iterations.  This tool's goal is to be able to
       produce a high amount of UDP packets per second and TCP  sessions  per  second  on  common

       The purpose can be to simulate Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on the DNS and
       measure normal DNS querying.  For example, the tool could enable you to take a snapshot of
       a  DDoS  and  be  able  to replay it later to test if new code or hardening techniques are
       useful, safe & effective.  Another example is to be able to replay a packet stream  for  a
       bug  that  is  sequence-  and/or  timing-related  in  order  to  validate  the efficacy of
       subsequent bug fixes.


       drool is divided into various commands for different scenarios.  Each command has it's own
       man-page, may take different arguments and may have additional options.

       replay Replay DNS from a PCAP file, see drool-replay(1).

              Replay  DNS  and store the responses along with the responses found in the PCAP for
              analysis with the respdiff tool-chain, see drool-respdiff(1).


       These options are generic for all drool commands.

       --csv  Output statistics as CSV.

       --json Output statistics as JSON.

       -v --verbose
              Enable verbose logging, can be given multiple times to increase verbosity level.

       -h --help
              Print help and exit.

       -V --version
              Print version and exit.


       0 - no error
       1 - generic error




       Jerry Lundström, DNS-OARC

       Maintained by DNS-OARC



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