Provided by: dapl2-utils_2.1.10.1.f1e05b7a-3_amd64 bug


       dtestcm - simple uDAPL test that measure setup time and connection establish time


       dtestcm [-mwvu] [-P provider] [-b burst size] [-p port id] [-c connections num] [-d delay]
       [ -s | -h HOSTNAME ]


       dtestcm is a simple test that measure setup time and how long it takes  to  establish  one
       connection  on  AVG.  At least two instantiations of the test must be run. One acts as the
       server and the other the client.  The server side of the test, once  invoked  listens  for
       connection  requests,  until  timing out or killed.  Upon receipt of a connection request,
       the connection is established.  Upon the established of all the connections  we  calc  AVG


              use PROVIDER to specify uDAPL interface using /etc/dat.conf (default ofa-v2-ib0)

              use HOSTNAME to specify server hostname or IP address (default - none)

              send BURST_SIZE connection requests at one time (default 100)

              delay in DELAY_TIME seconds before close (default 0)

              use PORT_NUM to established connections (default 45248)

              establish CONN_NUM connections (default 1000)

       -v, verbose output (default off)

       -m, multi listens. listen on burst size PSP (default off)

       -u, run ud test (default no)

       -w, wait for CR (default poll)

       -s, run as server (default - run as server)


       dtestcm -P  ofa-v2-ib0 -v -s

            Starts a server process with debug verbosity using provider ofa-v2-ib0.

       dtestcm -P ofa-v2-ib0 -h server1-ib0

            Starts a client process, using ofa-v2-ib0 provider to connect to hostname server1-ib0.


       dtest(1), dtestsrq(1), dtestx(1), dapltest(1)


       Arlin Davis

       Amir Hanania