Provided by: ion_3.2.1+dfsg-1.1_amd64 bug


       dtn2adminep - administrative endpoint task for the "dtn" scheme




       dtn2adminep is a background "daemon" task that receives and processes administrative
       bundles (all custody signals and, nominally, all bundle status reports) that are sent to
       the "dtn"-scheme administrative endpoint on the local ION node, if and only if such an
       endpoint was established by bpadmin.  It is spawned automatically by bpadmin in response
       to the 's' (START) command that starts operation of Bundle Protocol on the local ION node,
       and it is terminated by bpadmin in response to an 'x' (STOP) command.  dtn2adminep can
       also be spawned and terminated in response to START and STOP commands that pertain
       specifically to the "dtn" scheme.

       dtn2adminep responds to custody signals as specified in the Bundle Protocol specification,
       RFC 5050.  It responds to bundle status reports by logging ASCII text messages describing
       the reported activity.


       "0" dtn2adminep terminated, for reasons noted in the ion.log file.  If this termination
           was not commanded, investigate and solve the problem identified in the log file and
           use bpadmin to restart dtn2adminep.

       "1" dtn2adminep was unable to attach to Bundle Protocol operations or was unable to load
           the "dtn" scheme database, probably because bpadmin has not yet been run.


       No configuration files are needed.


       No environment variables apply.


       The following diagnostics may be issued to the ion.log log file:

       dtn2adminep can't attach to BP.
           bpadmin has not yet initialized BP operations.

       dtn2adminep can't load routing database.
           dtn2admin has not yet initialized the "dtn" scheme.

       dtn2adminep can't get admin EID.
           dtn2admin has not yet initialized the "dtn" scheme.

       dtn2adminep crashed.
           An unrecoverable database error was encountered.  dtn2adminep terminates.


       Report bugs to <>


       bpadmin(1), dtn2admin(1).