Provided by: ion_3.2.1+dfsg-1.1_amd64 bug


       dtpcd - DTPC daemon task for receiving and processing DTPC ADUs in bundles




       dtpcd is a background "daemon" task that manages the reception and processing of DTPC
       protocol data units.  It receives the payloads of bundles destined for the "ipn"-scheme
       endpoint whose node number is the number of the local node and whose service number is the
       DTPC_RECV_SVC_NBR (129 as of the time of this writeng).

       DTPC protocol data units are of two types: application data units (ADUs, i.e.,
       aggregations of application data items) and acknowledgments.  Each acknowledgment is
       interpreted as authorization to release the buffer space occupied by the node's local copy
       of the acknowledged ADU.  Each ADU is parsed into its constituent application data items,
       which are then delivered to the applications awaiting them, and when required a DTPC end-
       to-end acknowledgment PDU is returned to the DTPC PDU sender.


       0   dtpcd terminated normally, for reasons noted in the ion.log file.  If this termination
           was not commanded, investigate and solve the problem identified in the log file and
           use dtpcadmin to restart dtpcd.

       1   dtpcd terminated abnormally, for reasons noted in the ion.log file.  Investigate and
           solve the problem identified in the log file, then use dtpcadmin to restart dtpcd.


       No configuration files are needed.


       No environment variables apply.


       The following diagnostics may be issued to the ion.log log file:

       DTPC can't open own 'send' endpoint.
           Bundle protocol agent has not been started.  See ion(3).

       dtpcd can't attach to DTPC.
           dtpcadmin has not yet initialized DTPC protocol operations.


       Report bugs to <>


       dtpcadmin(1), ion(3)