Provided by: dumpet_2.1-12build1_amd64 bug


     dumpet — dump information about bootable CDs and other similar formats


     dumpet --iso image [--dumpdisks] [--dumphex|--xml]


     dumpet is a tool for debugging El Torito boot images.

     The following options are available:

     -?, --help
           Display help information.

     -i, --iso image
           The file name of the input ISO image.

     -d, --dumpdisks
           Dump each El Torito boot image into a file.  If --xml is not given, the files will be
           named image.1, image.2, etc. in sequence.  Otherwise, BootImage tags will be added to
           the output XML document with the content of each boot image in hexadecimal.

     -h, --dumphex
           Dump each El Torito structure in hexadecimal.  This option has no effect if --xml is

     -x, --xml
           Dump the El Torito structure to standard output as an XML document.


     Peter Jones <>

                                         August 25, 2010