Provided by: libtntnet-dev_2.2.1-4build2_amd64 bug


       ecppll - language-linker for ecpp


       ecppll [-I dir] [-F] [-o output-filename] ecpp-filename [translated-data]


       Ecppll is the language-linker for ecpp. This program combines the data of a ecpp-file with
       translated phrases from a source-file and generates a data-file used by tntnet to look  up
       translated  data.  The  translated  data  file  must  contain  the original phrase and the
       translated version separated by tab line by line.

       To generate a language file the generated files of all components of  a  component-library
       must   be   zipped.   The   resulting   zip-file  must  have  the  same  basename  as  the
       component-library and the language-code as the extension. Tntnet tries to find the langage
       library  by  first  appending  the  value  of  the query parameter LANG to the name of the
       componentlibrary. If the file is not found, the environment-variable LANG is used. If that
       is neither found, the default data from the original component is used.


       -F     Fail  on warning. If a phrase is not found in the language-data or in language-data
              is a phrase not used it the ecpp-file, ecppll warns about it to standard output. If
              this flag is set, ecppll returns a non-zero return-code.

       -I dir Search  include-files  in directory. This option can be passed multiple times.  All
              specified directories are searched in turn for include-files.

       -o filename
              Specify output filename


       This manual page was written by Tommi Mäkitalo ⟨⟩.


       tntnet(1), ecpp(7), ecppl(1)