Provided by: ncbi-entrez-direct_14.6.20210224+dfsg-7_amd64 bug


       entrez-phrase-search - search NCBI Entrez for phrases (DEPRECATED)


       entrez-phrase-search    [-help]    [-count[s]]   [-string]   [-db name]   [-database name]
       [-field name] query


       Note: entrez-phrase-search will not appear in  future  releases  of  NCBI  Entrez  Direct.
       Instead,   please   either   run  esearch  normally  or  establish  a  local  archive  via
       archive-pubmed and search it via phrase-search.

       entrez-phrase-search is an edirect(1) esearch(1) wrapper  script  that  searches  an  NCBI
       Entrez  database  for  a  phrase  rather than discrete keywords.  It works by breaking the
       query up into pairs of adjacent words  (disregarding  connecting  words  like  "the")  and
       intersecting searches for word pairs that appear reasonably often.


       -help  Print usage information.

              Just print counts for individual word pairs.

              Just print the final query string.

       -db name (-database name)
              Search the specified Entrez database (default: pubmed).

       -field name
              Search the specified field (default: TIAB, titles + abstracts).

       query  Phrase to search for.  (Quotes optional.)


       edirect(1), esearch(1), filter-stop-words(1), phrase-search(1).