Provided by: gallery-dl_1.23.2-1_all bug


       gallery-dl - download image-galleries and -collections


       gallery-dl [OPTION]... URL...


       gallery-dl  is  a  command-line  program to download image-galleries and -collections from
       several image hosting sites. It is a cross-platform tool with many  configuration  options
       and powerful filenaming capabilities.


       -h, --help
              Print this help message and exit

              Print program version and exit

       -i, --input-file FILE
              Download  URLs  found  in  FILE  ('-' for stdin). More than one --input-file can be

       -d, --destination PATH
              Target location for file downloads

       -D, --directory PATH
              Exact location for file downloads

       -f, --filename FORMAT
              Filename format string for downloaded files ('/O' for "original" filenames)

       --proxy URL
              Use the specified proxy

       --source-address IP
              Client-side IP address to bind to

       --clear-cache MODULE
              Delete cached login sessions, cookies, etc. for MODULE (ALL to delete everything)

       --cookies FILE
              File to load additional cookies from

       --cookies-from-browser BROWSER[+KEYRING][:PROFILE]
              Name of the browser to load cookies from, with optional keyring name prefixed  with
              '+' and profile prefixed with ':'

       -q, --quiet
              Activate quiet mode

       -v, --verbose
              Print various debugging information

       -g, --get-urls
              Print URLs instead of downloading

       -G, --resolve-urls
              Print URLs instead of downloading; resolve intermediary URLs

       -j, --dump-json
              Print JSON information

       -s, --simulate
              Simulate data extraction; do not download anything

       -E, --extractor-info
              Print extractor defaults and settings

       -K, --list-keywords
              Print a list of available keywords and example values for the given URLs

              Print a list of available extractor modules

              Print a list of extractor classes with description, (sub)category and example URL

       --write-log FILE
              Write logging output to FILE

       --write-unsupported FILE
              Write URLs, which get emitted by other extractors but cannot be handled, to FILE

              Write  downloaded  intermediary  pages  to  files in the current directory to debug

       -r, --limit-rate RATE
              Maximum download rate (e.g. 500k or 2.5M)

       -R, --retries N
              Maximum number of retries for failed HTTP  requests  or  -1  for  infinite  retries
              (default: 4)

       --http-timeout SECONDS
              Timeout for HTTP connections (default: 30.0)

       --sleep SECONDS
              Number of seconds to wait before each download. This can be either a constant value
              or a range (e.g. 2.7 or 2.0-3.5)

       --sleep-request SECONDS
              Number of seconds to wait between HTTP requests during data extraction

       --sleep-extractor SECONDS
              Number of seconds to wait before starting data extraction for an input URL

       --filesize-min SIZE
              Do not download files smaller than SIZE (e.g. 500k or 2.5M)

       --filesize-max SIZE
              Do not download files larger than SIZE (e.g. 500k or 2.5M)

              Do not use .part files

              Do not skip downloads; overwrite existing files

              Do not set file modification times according to Last-Modified HTTP response headers

              Do not download any files

              Do not run any post processors

              Disable HTTPS certificate validation

       -c, --config FILE
              Additional configuration files

       -o, --option OPT
              Additional '<key>=<value>' option values

              Do not read the default configuration files

       -u, --username USER
              Username to login with

       -p, --password PASS
              Password belonging to the given username

              Enable .netrc authentication data

       --download-archive FILE
              Record all downloaded files in the archive  file  and  skip  downloading  any  file
              already in it

       -A, --abort N
              Stop current extractor run after N consecutive file downloads were skipped

       -T, --terminate N
              Stop  current  and  parent  extractor  runs after N consecutive file downloads were

       --range RANGE
              Index-range(s)  specifying  which  images  to  download.  For  example  '5-10'   or

       --chapter-range RANGE
              Like '--range', but applies to manga-chapters and other delegated URLs

       --filter EXPR
              Python  expression  controlling  which  images  to  download.  Files  for which the
              expression evaluates to False are ignored. Available keys are the filename-specific
              ones  listed  by  '-K'.  Example: --filter "image_width >= 1000 and rating in ('s',

       --chapter-filter EXPR
              Like '--filter', but applies to manga-chapters and other delegated URLs

       --zip  Store downloaded files in a ZIP archive

              Convert Pixiv Ugoira to WebM (requires FFmpeg)

              Convert Pixiv Ugoira to WebM in VP9 lossless mode

              Convert Pixiv Ugoira to MKV without re-encoding any frames

              Write metadata to separate JSON files

              Write gallery metadata to a info.json file

              Write image tags to separate text files

              Set file modification times according to 'date' metadata

       --exec CMD
              Execute CMD for each downloaded file. Example: --exec 'convert {} {}.png && rm {}'

       --exec-after CMD
              Execute CMD after all files were downloaded successfully. Example: --exec-after 'cd
              {} && convert * ../doc.pdf'

       -P, --postprocessor NAME
              Activate the specified post processor


       gallery-dl URL
              Download images from URL.

       gallery-dl -g -u <username> -p <password> URL
              Print direct URLs from a site that requires authentication.

       gallery-dl --filter 'type == "ugoira"' --range '2-4' URL
              Apply  filter and range expressions. This will only download the second, third, and
              fourth file where its type value is equal to "ugoira".

       gallery-dl r:URL
              Scan URL for other URLs and invoke gallery-dl on them.

       gallery-dl oauth:SITE-NAME
              Gain OAuth authentication tokens  for  deviantart,  flickr,  reddit,  smugmug,  and


              The system wide configuration file.

              Per user configuration file.

              Alternate per user configuration file.



       Mike Fährmann <>