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       gearman - Gearmand Documentation,

       Command line client for Gearmand


       Common options

       -f <function>
              Function name to use for jobs (can give many)

       -h <host>
              Job server host

       -H     Print this help menu

       -p <port>
              Gearman server port

       -t <timeout>
              Timeout in milliseconds

       -i <pidfile>
              Create a pidfile for the process

       -n     In client mode run one job per line, in worker mode send data packet for each line

       -N     Same as -n, but strip off the newline

       Client options

       -b     Run jobs in the background

       -I     Run jobs as high priority

       -L     Run jobs as low priority

       -P     Prefix all output lines with functions names

       -s     Send job without reading from standard input

       -u <unique>
              Unique key to use for job

       Worker options*

       -c <count>
              Number of jobs for worker to run before exiting

       -w     Run in worker mode


       With gearman you can run client and worker functions from the command line.

       The  environmental  variable  GEARMAN_SERVER  can  be  used  to  specify multiple gearmand
       servers. Please see the c:func:'gearman_client_add_servers'  for  an  explanation  of  the
       required syntax.


       To find out more information please check:


       gearmand(8) libgearman(3)


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