Provided by: devscripts_2.22.2ubuntu3_amd64 bug


       git-deborig - try to produce Debian orig.tar using git-archive(1)


       git deborig [--force|-f] [--just-print|--just-print-tag-names] [--version=VERSION]


       git-deborig tries to produce the orig.tar you need for your upload by calling
       git-archive(1) on an existing git tag or branch head.  It was written with the
       dgit-maint-merge(7) workflow in mind, but can be used with other workflows.

       git-deborig will try several common tag names.  If this fails, or if more than one of
       those common tags are present, you can specify the tag or branch head to archive on the
       command line (COMMITTISH above).

       git-deborig will override gitattributes(5) that would cause the contents of the tarball
       generated by git-archive(1) not to be identical with the commitish archived: the export-
       subst and export-ignore attributes.

       git-deborig should be invoked from the root of the git repository, which should contain


           Overwrite any existing orig.tar in the parent directory.

           Instead of actually invoking git-archive(1), output information about how it would be
           invoked.  Ignores --force.

           Note that running the git-archive(1) invocation outputted with this option may not
           produce the same output.  This is because git-deborig takes care to disables git
           attributes otherwise heeded by git-archive(1), as detailed above.

           Instead of actually invoking git-archive(1), or even checking which tags exist, print
           the tag names we would consider for the upstream version number in the first entry in
           the Debian changelog, or that supplied with --version.

           Instead of reading the new upstream version from the first entry in the Debian
           changelog, use VERSION.


       git-archive(1), dgit-maint-merge(7), dgit-maint-debrebase(7)


       git-deborig was written by Sean Whitton <>.