Provided by: ion_3.2.1+dfsg-1.1_amd64 bug


       lgagent - ION Load/Go remote agent program


       lgagent own_endpoint_ID


       ION Load/Go is a system for management of an ION-based network, enabling the execution of
       ION administrative programs at remote nodes.  The system comprises two programs, lgsend
       and lgagent.

       The lgagent task on a given node opens the indicated ION endpoint for bundle reception,
       receives the extracted payloads of Load/Go bundles sent to it by lgsend as run on one or
       more remote nodes, and processes those payloads, which are the text of Load/Go source

       Load/Go source file content is limited to newline-terminated lines of ASCII characters.
       More specifically, the text of any Load/Go source file is a sequence of line sets of two
       types: file capsules and directives.  Any Load/Go source file may contain any number of
       file capsules and any number of directives, freely intermingled in any order, but the
       typical structure of a Load/Go source file is simply a single file capsule followed by a
       single directive.

       When lgagent identifies a file capsule, it copies all of the capsule's text lines to a new
       file that it creates in the current working directory.  When lgagent identifies a
       directive, it executes the directive by passing the text of the directive to the
       pseudoshell() function (see platform(3)).  lgagent processes the line sets of a Load/Go
       source file in the order in which they appear in the file, so the text of a directive may
       reference a file that was created as the result of processing a prior file capsule in the
       same source file.


       "0" Load/Go remote agent processing has terminated.


       lgfile contains the Load/Go file capsules and directives that are to be processed.


       No environment variables apply.


       The following diagnostics may be issued to the ion.log log file:

       lgagent: can't attach to BP.
           Bundle Protocol is not running on this computer.  Run bpadmin(1) to start BP.

       lgagent: can't open own endpoint.
           own_endpoint_ID is not a declared endpoint on the local ION node.  Run bpadmin(1) to
           add it.

       lgagent: bundle reception failed.
           ION system problem.  Investigate and correct before restarting.

       lgagent cannot continue.
           lgagent processing problem.  See earlier diagnostic messages for details.  Investigate
           and correct before restarting.

       lgagent: no space for bundle content.
           ION system problem: have exhausted available SDR data store reserves.

       lgagent: can't receive bundle content.
           ION system problem: have exhausted available SDR data store reserves.

       lgagent: can't handle bundle delivery.
           ION system problem.  Investigate and correct before restarting.

       lgagent: pseudoshell failed.
           Error in directive line, usually an attempt to execute a non-existent administration
           program (e.g., a misspelled program name).  Terminates processing of source file

       A variety of other diagnostics noting source file parsing problems may also be reported.
       These errors are non-fatal but they terminate the processing of the source file content
       from the most recently received bundle.


       Report bugs to <>


       lgsend(1), lgfile(5)