Provided by: ncbi-entrez-direct_14.6.20210224+dfsg-7_amd64 bug


       nquire - query NCBI Entrez Utilities, other parameter-based web services, or FTP


       nquire    [-help]   [-ftp host dir [file]]   [-get [fIURL]]   [-url URL]   [-lst host dir]
       [-eutils name] [-dwn host dir [file]] [-asp host dir [file]] [component  ...]  [-tag value
       ...] [-examples] [-version]


       nquire  performs  raw  HTTP(S)  queries against web services such as NCBI E-Utilities that
       take GET or POST parameters, or  downloads  or  listings  from  FTP  and  Aspera  servers.
       (Aspera support requires installing proprietary client software.)


       -help  Print   usage   information,  complete  with  a  few  examples,  some  additionally
              illustrating the use of xtract(1).

   Query Commands
       -ftp host dir [file]
              Use FTP instead of HTTP.  The  shell  implementation  accepts  a  filename  on  the
              command  line  only  when  invoked  from  a  (pseudo)terminal,  and otherwise reads
              filenames from standard input.

       -get [fIURL]
              Use HTTP(S) GET instead of POST.

       -url URL
              Base URL for external search.

       -lst host dir
              Lists contents of FTP site.

   File Downloads
       -dwn host dir [file]
              Like -ftp, but saves  contents  to  correspondingly  named  files  in  the  current

       -asp host dir [file]
              Like -dwn, but uses Aspera's proprietary client if installed.

              Add /component to the base URL.  (Must precede any tag/value pairs.)

       -tag value ...
              Add &tag=value,... to the base URL.  (Must follow any simple components.)

              Examples of advanced queries.

              Print version number.


       curl(1),  download-ncbi-data(1),  edirect(1),  efetch(1),  efilter(1), einfo(1), elink(1),
       esearch(1), ftp-cp(1), ftp-ls(1), wget(1), xtract(1).