Provided by: ncbi-entrez-direct_14.6.20210224+dfsg-7_amd64 bug


       rchive - work with a local archive of Entrez document summaries


       rchive  [-help] [-strict] [-mixed] [-input filename] [-archive directory] [-index element]
       [-fetch directory] [-stream directory] [-flag strict|mixed|none] [-gzip]  [-hash]  [-trie]
       [-invert file...]   [-join]  [-fuse]  [-merge directory field]  [-promote directory field]
       [-path directory] [-query query] [-exact query] [-count query] [-counts query] [-version]


       rchive creates, updates, or extracts records from  a  local  archive  of  Entrez  document


   Processing Flags
              Remove HTML and MathML tags.

       -mixed Allow mixed content XML.

   Data Source
       -input filename
              Read XML from file instead of standard input.

   Local Record Cache
       -archive directory
              Base path for saving individual XML files.

       -index element
              Use [parent/element@attribute^version] for identifier.

       -fetch directory
              Base path for retrieving XML files.

       -stream directory
              Path for retrieving compressed XML files (left compressed).

       -flag strict|mixed|none
              Alternative syntax for specifying the corresponding options.

       -gzip  Use compression for local XML files.

       -hash  Print UIDs and checksum values to standard output.

       -trie  Print archive trie.

   Local Record Index
       -invert file...
              Generate inverted index on specified field.

       -join  Collect subsets of inverted index files.

       -fuse  Combine subsets of inverted index files.

       -merge directory field
              Combine inverted indices, dividing by term prefix.

       -promote directory field
              Create term lists and posting files.

       -path directory
              Path to postings directory.

       -query query
              Search on words or phrases in Boolean formulas.

       -exact query
              Strict search for article title round-tripping.

       -count query
              Print terms and counts, merging wildcards.

       -counts query
              Expand wildcards; print individual term counts.

       -help  Print usage information and some example argument combinations.

              Print version number.


       edirect(1),   fetch-pubmed(1),  ftp-cp(1),  ftp-ls(1),  index-extras(1),  index-pubmed(1),
       pm-invert(1), pm-merge(1), pm-promote(1),  pm-refresh(1),  pm-stash(1),  stream-pubmed(1),