Provided by: xymon_4.3.30-1build2_amd64 bug


       report.cgi - CGI front-end to xymongen reporting


       report.cgi [--noclean] [xymongen-options]


       report.cgi  is  invoked  as  a  CGI script via the CGI wrapper.  It triggers the
       generation of a Xymon  availability  report  for  the  timeperiod  specified  by  the  CGI

       report.cgi is passed a QUERY_STRING environment variable with the following parameters:

          start-mon (Start month of the report)
          start-day (Start day-of-month of the report)
          start-yr  (Start year of the report)
          end-mon   (End month of the report)
          end-day   (End day-of-month of the report)
          end-yr    (End year of the report)
          style     (Report style)

       The following non-standard parameters are handled by the xymongen version of report.cgi:

          suburl    (Page in report to go to, if not the top page)

       The  "month"  parameters  must  be  specified  as  the  three-letter  english  month  name
       abbreviation: Jan, Feb, Mar ...

       Start- and end-days are in the range 1..31; the start-  and  end-year  must  be  specified
       including century (e.g. "2003").

       End-times beyond the current time are silently replaced with the current time.

       The  generated  report will include data for the start- and end-days, i.e. the report will
       begin at 00:00:00 of the start-day, and end at 23:59:59 of the end-day.

       The "style" parameter is passed directly to xymongen(1) and should be  "crit",  "non-crit"
       or "all". Other values result in undefined behaviour.

       All  of  the  processing involved in generating the report is done by invoking xymongen(1)
       with the proper "--reportopts" option.


              Do not clean the XYMONREPDIR directory of old reports. Makes the report-tool  go  a
              bit  faster  - instead, you can clean up the XYMONREPDIR directory e.g. via a cron-

              Load the environment from FILENAME before executing the CGI.

              All other options passed to report.cgi are passed on  to  the  xymongen(1)  program
              building the report files.


              HTML template header for the report request form

              HTML template footer for the report request form

              HTML template report request form


              xymongen options passed by default to the report.cgi. This happens in the

              Home directory of the Xymon server installation

              Directory where generated reports are stored. This directory must  be  writable  by
              the  userid  executing  the  CGI  script,  typically  "www",  "apache" or "nobody".
              Default: $XYMONHOME/www/rep/

              The URL prefix  to  use  when  accessing  the  reports  via  a  browser.   Default:


       xymongen(1), hosts.cfg(5), xymonserver.cfg(5)