Provided by: svxlink-calibration-tools_19.09.1-3_amd64 bug


       siglevdetcal - The SvxLink signal level detector calibration utility


       siglevdetcal <configuration file> <RX config section name>


       siglevdetcal  is  the  SvxLink  signal  level  detector calibration utility. It is used to
       assist in the setup of the SIGLEV_SLOPE and SIGLEV_OFFSET configuration  variables  for  a
       local  receiver.  The signal level detector need to be calibrated if a voter or the SIGLEV
       squelch detector is going to be used.

       The calibration procedure is quite simple and everything is more or less explained at run-
       time. The procedure is outlined below.

              • Disconnect  the  antenna  and  the  PTT  cable. The PTT might be triggered by the
                siglevdetcal utility. If you want to be really sure that no  harm  come  to  your
                transceiver, connect a dummy load.

              • Setup  the audio input level. The audio input level must not be changed after the
                calibration has been done.

              • Start the siglevdetcal utility.

              • Transmit on another radio so that the receiver  under  calibration  will  receive
                full signal strength.

              • Still  holding  the  PTT,  press  ENTER  and  wait  until  the squelch open level
                measurements have been done.

              • Release the PTT. Make sure the squelch is open so that only noise is received.

              • Press ENTER to start the squelch close level measurements.

              • When finished, the  two  config  variables  SIGLEV_SLOPE  and  SIGLEV_OFFSET  are
                printed.  Put  these  in your configuration file under the corresponding receiver
                configuration section.

              • Start the SvxLink server and verify that full signal strength is showed as  about
                100 and open squelch is showed as about 0. If full signal strength is not showed,
                you might have to setup SQL_DELAY to delay the signal level measurement until the
                signal is stable.


              Set  this  environment  variable  to 1 if you get an error about ioctl: Broken pipe
              when the remotetrx server starts.

              Set this environment variable to 1 to make the Alsa audio code write zeros  to  the
              audio device when there is no audio to write available. This may be needed for some
              audio devices that take a long time to recover from an underflow condition.


       Tobias Blomberg (SM0SVX) <sm0svx at users dot sourceforge dot net>


       SvxLink Devel <svxlink-devel at lists dot sourceforge dot net>


       svxlink(1), remotetrx(1), svxlink.conf(5)