Provided by: audiotools_3.1.1-1.1build10_amd64 bug


       tracklint - checks and fixes minor track metadata errors automatically


       tracklint [OPTIONS] <track 1> [track 2] ....


       tracklint  takes  a  list of audio tracks, examines their metadata for common problems and
       suggests fixes for them. If directories are given, tracklint searches them recursively and
       suggests  fixes  for  any  audio  tracks  found.  tracklint can also perform any suggested
       metadata fixes if requested, and undo any performed fixes if an undo database was used.


       -h, --help
              show a list of options and exit

       --fix  perform tracklint's suggested fixes on the given audio tracks

       -V, --verbose=VERBOSITY
              The level of output to display. Choose between 'normal', 'quiet' and 'debug'.


       The following fixes are performed on each track:

       • Leading zeroes are stripped from track number and album number fields.  For  example,  a
       track number value of "01" is changed to "1".

       •  If  the  track number field is between 100 and 999, the leading digit becomes the album
       number and trailing two digits becomes the track number. For example, a track number value
       of "213" results in an album number of "2" and a track number of "13".

       • If the performer name is the same as the artist name, the redundant performer name field
       is removed.

       • Leading or trailing whitespace is removed from fields. For example, a track  name  value
       of "Some Title " becomes "Some Title".

       • Empty fields are removed.

       • Embedded images with invalid metadata fields such as width or height are fixed.

       • ID3v2 and ID3v1 tags are stripped from FLAC files.

       • FLAC files with misordered STREAMINFO blocks are reordered.

       •  A WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE_CHANNEL_MASK tag is added to multi-channel or 24 bits-per-sample
       FLAC files if one isn't present in its metadata.


       audiotools-config(1),   audiotools.cfg(5),   cdda2track(1),   cddainfo(1),    cddaplay(1),
       coverdump(1),   covertag(1),   coverview(1),  dvda2track(1),  dvdainfo(1),  track2cdda(1),
       track2track(1),  trackcat(1),  trackcmp(1),  trackinfo(1),  tracklength(1),  trackplay(1),
       trackrename(1), tracksplit(1), tracktag(1), trackverify(1)


       Brian Langenberger

                                            2022-03-17                               TRACKLINT(1)