Provided by: trickle_1.07-11build1_amd64 bug


     trickle — a lightweight userspace bandwidth shaper


     trickle [-h] [-v] [-V] [-s] [-d rate] [-u rate] [-w length] [-t time] [-l length] [-n path]
             [-P path] command ...


     trickle is a userspace bandwidth manager.  Currently, trickle supports the shaping of any
     SOCK_STREAM (see socket(2)) connection established via the socket(2) interface.
     Furthermore, trickle will not work with statically linked executables, nor with setuid(2)
     executables.  trickle is highly configurable; download and upload rates can be set
     separately, or in an aggregate fashion.

     The options are as follows:

     -h           Displays help.

     -v           Increases the verbosity level (can be specified multiple times).

     -V           Prints version.

     -s           Runs trickle in standalone mode, independent of trickled(8).

     -d rate      Limit the download bandwidth consumption to rate KB/s.

     -u rate      Limit the upload bandwidth consumption to rate KB/s.

     -w length    Set peak detection window size to length KB.  This determines how aggressive
                  trickle is at eliminating bandwidth consumption peaks.  Lower values will be
                  more aggressive, but may also result in over shaping.  The default value (512
                  KB) is usually sufficient.

     -t seconds   Set smoothing time to seconds s.  The smoothing time determines with what
                  intervals trickle will try to let the application transceive data.  Smaller
                  values will result in a more continuous (smooth) session, while larger values
                  may produce bursts in the sending and receiving data.  Smaller values (0.1 - 1
                  s) are ideal for interactive applications while slightly larger values (1 - 10
                  s) are better for applications that need bulk transfer.

     -l length    Set smoothing length to length KB.  The smoothing length is a fallback of the
                  smoothing time.  If trickle cannot meet the requested smoothing time, it will
                  instead fall back on sending length KB of data.  The default value is 10 KB.

     -n path      Use trickled(8) socket path to communicate with trickled(8).  By default,
                  /tmp/.trickled.sock is used.

     -P path      Use the specified .so instead of the standard one, this is useful if you don't
                  run trickle from a standard installation.


     trickle -u 10 -d 20 ncftp

     Launch ncftp(1) limiting its upload capacity to 10 KB/s, and download capacity at 20 KB/s.


     trickled(8), syslog(3), socket(2), netintro(4)


     trickle has been developed by Marius Aamodt Eriksen ⟨⟩.


     Does not support executables utilizing kqueue(2).  Does not support statically linked