Provided by: tvtime_1.0.11-7_amd64 bug


       tvtime-scanner  - an all-band scanner for tvtime to help users of European cable providers
       that do not use standard frequencies


       tvtime-scanner [ OPTION ] ...


       tvtime-scanner allows a user to scan all frequencies for stations.   This  is  useful  for
       European  cable  provides such as UPC or Casema which do not use standard frequency tables
       for their channels.  tvtime-scanner checks for frequencies across the full band and writes
       it  to  your  stationlist.xml  file  in  a table called "Custom".  This can be selected by
       running "tvtime --frequencies=custom" or by selecting the Custom  frequency  table  within
       the OSD menu inside tvtime.


       -h, --help
              Show usage information.

       -F, --configfile=FILE
              Additional config file to load settings from.

       -d, --device=NAME
              video4linux device to use (defaults to /dev/video0).

       -i, --input=INPUTNUM
              video4linux  input number (defaults to 0).  Cards commonly have a bunch of sources,
              for example, on my WinTV card, source 0 is my tuner and source 1 is  the  composite
              input.  The scanner requires using an input that has a tuner.

       -n, --norm=NORM
              The mode to set the tuner to (defaults to NTSC).  Valid modes are:

              •   NTSC
              •   PAL
              •   SECAM
              •   PAL-NC
              •   PAL-M
              •   PAL-N
              •   NTSC-JP


       Billy Biggs.


       tvtime(1), tvtime-configure(1), tvtime.xml(5),