Provided by: librheolef-dev_7.2-2_amd64 bug


       environment - initialization of distributed computations (rheolef-7.2)


       This class is mainly used to initialize the MPI library: it should be called juste after
       the main(argc,argv) declaration:

           #include "rheolef.h"
           using namespace rheolef;
           int main (int argc, char**argv) {
             environment rheolef (argc, argv);

        An optional third argument of the environment constructor allows one to set the MPI
       thread feature. By default, its value is MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE, as defined in mpi.h. Other
       possible values are related to MPI multi-threaded: see the MPI documentation for more

       When compiling in a non-distributed configuration of the Rheolef library, this is a do-
       nothing class.


       The interface of this class is inspirated from the boost::mpi::environment class. Instead
       of the boost implementation that calls MPI_Init(), here this class calls MPI_Init_thread()
       instead. This extension allows one to support the scotch library when it has been compiled
       with the threads feature.


       This documentation has been generated from file linalg/lib/environment.h

       class environment {
         environment (int& argc, char**& argv, const environment_option_type& opt = environment_option_type());


       struct environment_option_type {
         static const int no_thread = 100;

         static const int default_thread = MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE;

         environment_option_type() : thread_level (default_thread) {}
         int thread_level ;


       Pierre  Saramito  <>


       Copyright   (C)  2000-2018  Pierre  Saramito  <> GPLv3+: GNU GPL
       version 3 or later  <>.  This  is  free  software:  you
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