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       rheolef - reference manual (rheolef-7.2)


       The reference manual is divided into sections:

       1.  command

       2.  class

       3.  function

       4.  linalgclass

       5.  linalgfunction

       6.  femclass

       7.  utilclass

       8.  internalclass

       9.  internalfunction

       Casual users probably need concern themselves with only the three first sections: unix
       commands and main classes and functions. Advanced users would be interested by linalg
       (sparse distributed linear algebra) and utility classes and functions, while Rheolef's
       developers would be involved by internal details.

       The reference manual is available both on the Rheolef web site and as individual unix
       man(1) pages.

       command :

           man geo
           man field

        class :

           man form
           man problem
           man 2 field

        Note that field has both a command and class entry: the 2 section number option allows
       one to select the class one. The same occurs for the geo and branch classes.

       function :

           man integrate
           man interpolate
           man damped_newton

        Finally, for a fully developed table of contents:

           man -k rheolef


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