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       gd_parser_callback — set the syntax error callback handler for a Dirfile


       #include <getdata.h>

       void gd_parser_callback(DIRFILE *dirfile, gd_parser_callback_t sehandler, void *extra);


       The  gd_parser_callback()  function  updates  the  syntax  error  callback function of the
       DIRFILE object dirfile to be sehandler, and the caller supplied extra  pointer  passed  to
       the  handler to be extra, discarding any syntax error handler and extra pointer which were
       previously registered for this DIRFILE.  If sehandler is NULL, the existing  handler  will
       be  removed  and  the default behaviour (abort on error) restored.  See gd_cbopen(3) for a
       discussion on the requirements for the syntax handler.

       Since parsing of an existing format  specification  occurs  when  the  DIRFILE  object  is
       created, before this function can be called, this function is only useful to set or modify
       a callback function or its caller data before calling gd_include(3), which will invoke the
       callback function if syntax errors are found in the included fragment.

       This function always succeeds, and has no return value.


       The dirfile_parser_callback() function appeared in GetData-0.5.0.

       In GetData-0.7.0, this function was renamed to gd_parser_callback().


       gd_cbopen(3), gd_include(3), dirfile(5)