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     hv_utils — Hyper-V Utilities Driver


     To compile this driver into the kernel, place the following lines in the system kernel
     configuration file:

           device hyperv


     The hv_utils driver provides time keeping, shutdown and heartbeat functionality for FreeBSD
     guest partitions running on Hyper-V.  Hyper-V is a hypervisor-based virtualization
     technology from Microsoft.  The hv_utils driver is one of the core drivers required to be
     present in guest partitions running on Hyper-V.  This driver provides the following
     functionalities to guest partitions:

     (a) Time Keeping: The clock inside the guest partition will remain accurate by synchronizing
     to the clock on the virtualization server via Timesync service, and with the help of the
     pluggable time source device.

     (b) Integrated shutdown: Guest partitions running FreeBSD can be shut down from Hyper-V
     Manager console by using the "Shut down" command.

     (c) Heartbeat: This feature allows the virtualization server to detect whether the guest
     partition is running and responsive.


     hv_ata_pci_disengage(4), hv_netvsc(4), hv_storvsc(4), hv_vmbus(4)


     Support for hv_utils first appeared in FreeBSD 10.0.  The driver was developed through a
     joint effort between Citrix Incorporated, Microsoft Corporation, and Network Appliance


     FreeBSD support for hv_utils was first added by Microsoft BSD Integration Services Team