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     longrun — Transmeta(TM) Crusoe(TM) LongRun(TM) support


     LongRun support is a collection of power saving modes for the Transmeta Crusoe chips,
     similar in scope to Intel's SpeedStep.  The following sysctl(8) MIBs control the different
     CPU modes:

     Name                    Type       Changeable    Description
     hw.crusoe.longrun       integer    yes           LongRun mode:
                                                      0: minimum frequency mode
                                                      1: power-saving mode
                                                      2: performance mode
                                                      3: maximum frequency mode
     hw.crusoe.frequency     integer    no            Current frequency (MHz).
     hw.crusoe.voltage       integer    no            Current voltage (mV).
     hw.crusoe.percentage    integer    no            Processing performance (%).


     Print the current status:

           % sysctl hw.crusoe

     To set LongRun mode to performance oriented variable frequency mode (less power savings):

           # sysctl hw.crusoe.longrun=2


     The Transmeta(TM) Crusoe(TM) LongRun(TM) support first appeared in FreeBSD 4.4.


     LongRun support and this manual page were written by Tamotsu HATTORI <>
     and Mitsuru IWASAKI <>.