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     umass — USB Mass Storage Devices driver


     To compile this driver into the kernel, place the following line in your kernel
     configuration file:

           device scbus
           device usb
           device umass

     Alternatively, to load the driver as a module at boot time, place the following line in



     The umass driver provides support for Mass Storage devices that attach to the USB port.

     To use the umass driver, usb(4) and one of uhci(4) or ohci(4) or ehci(4) or xhci(4) must be
     configured in the kernel.  Additionally, since umass uses the SCSI subsystem and sometimes
     acts as a SCSI device, it requires da(4) and scbus(4) to be included in the kernel.


           device umass
           device scbus
           device da
           device pass

     Add the umass driver to the kernel.

           camcontrol rescan 0:0:0
           camcontrol rescan 0:0:1
           camcontrol rescan 0:0:2
           camcontrol rescan 0:0:3

     Rescan all slots on a multi-slot flash reader, where the slots map to separate LUNs on a
     single SCSI ID.  Typically only the first slot will be enabled at boot time.  This assumes
     that the flash reader is the first SCSI bus in the system and has 4 slots.


     cfumass(4), ehci(4), ohci(4), uhci(4), usb(4), xhci(4), camcontrol(8)


     The umass driver was written by MAEKAWA Masahide <> and Nick Hibma

     This manual page was written by Nick Hibma <>.