Provided by: svxlink-server_19.09.1-3_amd64 bug


       ModuleDtmfRepeater.conf - Configuration file for the SvxLink server DTMF Repeater module


       svxlink  is  a  general  purpose  voice  service  system  for ham radio use. This man-page
       describe the SvxLink server configuration for the DTMF Repeater module.

       The DTMF Repeater module retransmits all received DTMF digits. This can be used to control
       remote  systems  that is also DTMF controlled. The DTMF muting feature should be used on a
       repeater to not retransmit the received DTMF audio.


       There are a couple of configuration  variables  that  are  common  to  all  modules.   The
       documentation for these can be found in the svxlink.conf(5) manual page.

       The  amplitude, tone length and tone spacing of the generated DTMF digits is configured in
       the configuration section for the LocalTx that is actually transmitting the DTMF.  Have  a
       look  at  the  documentation  for  the  DTMF_TONE_*  configuration  variables  for  a full

       Here is the description of all module specific configuration variables  that  the  SvxLink
       DtmfRepeater module understands.

              Specify  a  time,  in  milliseconds,  that the DTMF Repeater module will wait after
              digit reception and squelch close before retransmitting received DTMF  digits.   If
              zero  or  not  specified,  SvxLink  will try to send the digits as soon as they are

              This variable does not apply when DTMF  digits  are  sent  in  non-activated  mode.
              Digits will then be retransmitted as soon as possible.


       /etc/svxlink/svxlink.conf (or deprecated /etc/svxlink.conf)
              The system wide configuration file.

              Per user configuration file.

              Global  modularized  configuration  file.  Depends  on  the  CFG_DIR  configuration
              variable setting.

              Per user modularized configuration  file.  Depends  on  the  CFG_DIR  configuration
              variable setting.


       Tobias Blomberg (SM0SVX) <sm0svx at users dot sourceforge dot net>