Provided by: openafs-fileserver_1.8.8.1-3ubuntu2_amd64 bug


       SALVAGE.fs - Triggers salvaging of AFS server partitions


       The SALVAGE.fs file, if present in a file server machine's /var/lib/openafs/local
       directory, indicates to the Basic OverSeer (BOS) Server (bosserver process) that it must
       invoke the Salvager (salvager process) during recovery from a failure of the File Server
       (fileserver process).

       The BOS Server creates the zero-length file each time it starts or restarts the "fs"
       process. When the File Server exits normally (for example, in response to the bos shutdown
       or bos stop command), the BOS Server removes the file. However, if the File Server exits
       unexpectedly, the file remains in the /var/lib/openafs/local directory as a signal that
       the BOS Server must invoke the Salvager process to repair any file system inconsistencies
       possibly introduced during the failure, before restarting the File Server and Volume
       Server processes.

       Do not create or remove this file. To invoke the Salvager process directly, use the bos
       salvage command or log onto the file server machine as the local superuser "root" and
       issue the salvager command.


       bos_salvage(8), bosserver(8), fileserver(8), salvager(8), volserver(8)


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