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       UserList - Defines privileged administrators


       The UserList file lists the AFS usernames of the system administrators authorized to issue
       privileged bos, vos, and backup commands that affect the local server machine or the
       volumes housed on it. It must reside in the /etc/openafs/server directory on every server

       Although the UserList file is in ASCII format, do not use a text editor to alter it.
       Instead always use the appropriate commands from the bos command suite:

       •   The bos adduser command to add a user to the file.

       •   The bos listusers command to display the contents of the file.

       •   The bos removeuser command to remove a user from the file.

       Although it is theoretically possible to list different administrators in the UserList
       files on different server machines, doing so can cause unanticipated authorization
       failures and is not recommended. In cells that use the Update Server to distribute the
       contents of the /etc/openafs/server directory, it is customary to edit only the copy of
       the file stored on the system control machine. Otherwise, edit the file on each server
       machine individually.


       bos_adduser(8), bos_listusers(8), bos_removeuser(8), upclient(8), upserver(8)


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