Provided by: netatalk_3.1.13~ds-2build1_amd64 bug


       afp_signature.conf - Configuration file used by afpd(8) to specify server signature


       /var/lib/netatalk/afp_signature.conf is the configuration file used by afpd to specify
       server signature automagically. The configuration lines are composed like:

       "server name" hexa-string

       The first field is server name. Server names must be quoted if they contain spaces. The
       second field is the hexadecimal string of 32 characters for 16-bytes server signature.

       The leading spaces and tabs are ignored. Blank lines are ignored. The lines prefixed with
       # are ignored. The illegal lines are ignored.

           Server Signature is unique 16-bytes identifier used to prevent logging on to the same
           server twice.

           Netatalk 2.0 and earlier generated server signature by using gethostid(). There was a
           problem that another servers have the same signature because the hostid is not unique

           Current netatalk generates the signature from random numbers and saves it into
           afp_signature.conf. When starting next time, it is read from this file.

           This file should not be thoughtlessly edited and be copied onto another server. If it
           wants to set the signature intentionally, use the option "signature =" in afp.conf. In
           this case, afp_signature.conf is not used.


       Example. afp_signature.conf

           # This is a comment.
           "My Server" 74A0BB94EC8C13988B2E75042347E528


       afpd(8), afp.conf(5),