Provided by: ion_3.2.1+dfsg-1.1_amd64 bug


       amsxml - CCSDS Asynchronous Message Service MIB initialization XML file


       The Management Information Base (MIB) for an AMS communicating entity (either amsd or an
       AMS application module) must contain enough information to enable the entity to initiate
       participation in AMS message exchange, such as the network location of the configuration
       server and the roles and message subjects defined for some venture.

       AMS entities automatically load their MIBs from initialization files at startup.  When AMS
       is built with the -DNOEXPAT compiler option set, the MIB initialization file must conform
       to the amsrc syntax described in amsrc(5); otherwise the expat XML parsing library must be
       linked into the AMS executable and the MIB initialization file must conform to the amsxml
       syntax described below.

       The XML statements in the MIB initialization file constitute elements of MIB update
       information, each of which may have one or more attributes.  An element may also have sub-
       elements that are listed within the declaration of the parent element, and so on.

       Two types of elements are recognized in the MIB initialization file: control elements and
       configuration elements.  A control element establishes the update context within which the
       configuration elements nested within it are processed, while a configuration element
       declares values for one or more items of AMS configuration information in the MIB.

       For a discussion of the recognized control elements and configuration elements of the MIB
       initialization file, see the amsrc(5) man page.  NOTE, though, that all elements of an
       XML-based MIB initialization file must be sub-elements of a single sub-element of the XML
       extension type ams_load_mib in order for the file to be parsed successfully by expat.


       <?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>


               <ams_mib_init continuum_nbr="2" ptsname="dgr"/>


                       <continuum nbr="1" name="apl" desc="APL"/>

                       <csendpoint epspec=""/>

                       <application name="amsdemo" />

                       <venture nbr="1" appname="amsdemo" authname="test">

                               <role nbr="2" name="shell"/>

                               <role nbr="3" name="log"/>

                               <role nbr="4" name="pitch"/>

                               <role nbr="5" name="catch"/>

                               <role nbr="6" name="benchs"/>

                               <role nbr="7" name="benchr"/>

                               <role nbr="96" name="amsd"/>

                               <role nbr="97" name="amsmib"/>

                               <role nbr="98" name="amsstop"/>

                               <subject nbr="1" name="text" desc="ASCII text"/>

                               <subject nbr="2" name="noise" desc="more ASCII text"/>

                               <subject nbr="3" name="bench" desc="numbered msgs"/>

                               <subject nbr="97" name="amsmib" desc="MIB updates"/>

                               <subject nbr="98" name="amsstop" desc="shutdown"/>

                               <unit nbr="1" name="orbiters"/>

                               <unit nbr="2" name="orbiters.near"/>

                               <unit nbr="3" name="orbiters.far"/>

                               <msgspace nbr="2"/>