Provided by: axmail_2.12.2-1_amd64 bug


       axMail - A powerful but simple SMTP plugin for URONode.




       axmail.conf This file configures the operations of axMail-FAX. You have to insure that you
       add the proper group using addgroup. The common one to use is "ax25".


       The following options are supported for axmail.conf:

       IdleTimeout   This should not be longer than the same command in uronode.conf.

       HostName      This is the fully qualified hostname of your  mail  system.  Typically  this
                     would be an amprnet domnain such as

       AllowMail     This command controls who has access to use mail on your system. The default
                     is all.

                     This shows how users can authenticate into the application. The  default  is
                     none  as  the password used over RF may also be used for popping/imap if the
                     local sysop chooses to do this.  Disconnect user from their mailbox."

       AutoCreate    This allows creation of the user accounts.  Since  you  can  also  configure
                     dovecot or a pop3 daemon and pop-before-smtp to allow mail on smartphones as
                     well, this should be set to yes which is default.

       LoginAllowed  This grants or denies permissions for other functions such  as  ssh  on  the
                     box. This also controls access to imap/pop. Default is yes.

       AutoGroup     I suggest using ax25. You'll have to set this using addgroup ax25.

       First_uid     This  is  the first user id numeric to be used when axmail creates accounts.
                     I suggest 2000 as this keeps mail clients 1000 UID away  from  actual  local
                     clients so it'll somewhat separate them this way.

       Last_uid      This sets just how many users may create and use mailboxes using axmail.

       HomeDir       This sets the base of the users home directory. I suggest using the standard
                     home directory for all users.

       Shell         This is the shell the users are granted. I suggest if you wish not to  allow
                     ssh or telnet access into your server to use /bin/false.

       FaxGate       This  is  the  efax  gateway to send your faxes through to. The SFax command
                     will preformat your mail to use this gateway. Remove the quotes.


            Greeting file for new users to welcome them to the mail system.

            postfix configuration file.


       Brian Rogers (N1URO) <>


       Marius Petrescu (YO2LOJ) <>
       Bob Tenty (VE3TOK) <>
       Heikki Hannikainen (OH7LZB) <>