Provided by: libcgreen1-dev_1.3.0-2_amd64 bug


       cgreen - a framework for C and C++ unit tests and mocking


       Cgreen  is  a  framework for creating and running compact and easy-to-read unittests for C
       and/or C++.

       Here are some of its features:

       • Fluent API resulting in very readable tests

       • Expressive and clear output using the default reporter

       • Fully functional mocks, both strict and loose

       • Each test runs in its own process for test suite robustness

       • Automatic discovery and running of tests using dynamic library inspection

       • Extensive and expressive constraints for many datatypes

       • BDD-flavoured test declarations with Before and After declarations

       • Extensible reporting mechanism

       • Fully composable test suites

       • An isolated test can be run in a single process for debugging



       The full documentation for cgreen-runner and the Cgreen framework is in the Cgreen  manual
       available at GitHub ⟨⟩.