Provided by: pkg-perl-tools_0.71_all bug


       dpt-config -- dpt configuration


       dpt(1) configuration lives in plain text files using POSIX shell syntax. The files are
       sourced by the tools, not parsed.


       Configuration files are looked for in the following locations, in order, and every found
       file is sourced by the script, later files possibly overriding the previous ones.



   Run dpt(1) from git
       When bugs in dpt(1) are fixed or new features are implemented in git but not yet available
       in the uploaded version, you may want to run dpt and its sub-scripts from your local clone
       of the pkg-perl-tools repository.  This can be done by setting the following variables in

           # needed anyway, adjust path
           # specific for running from git
           export PERL5LIB=$DPT_PACKAGES/pkg-perl-tools/lib

   Storing tokens
       If you keep your configuration files in a (potentially) public git repository, you might
       be wary of sticking tokens like DPT_GITHUB_OAUTH or DPT_SALSA_PRIVATE_TOKEN in your
       .dpt.conf. As .dpt.conf is just a shell fragment which gets sourced, you can put those
       variables in a different file (and don't commit this one). E.g.

           [ ! -e ~/.dpt.conf.$(hostname) ] || . ~/.dpt.conf.$(hostname)


       Copyright 2013 Damyan Ivanov

       Copyright 2018-2021 gregor herrmann

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same
       terms as Perl itself.